Nepali comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai, widely known as Takme Budo has recently been in a hazardous car accident on Monday. The accident took place in midnight in around 12 am when he was returning to Biratnagar from Morang after attending an event which was titled ‘Madhumalla Mahotsav’.

Actor/producer Rajesh Ghatani has further informed that the accident took place while Wilson was in attempt of saving a dog. Along with him, this Hundyai i10 car also included the actors of the film “Furke no. 1” like: Bishal Limbu, Yukesh Limbu, Samil Rai and Jessica Rai.

2(21)It’s a relief to know that no one had been greatly injured in this accident. However, the car has been dreadfully damaged. The car was literally in an upside down position.