Here’s ‘We Will Rock You’ with a Nepali taste


    How excited are you for the release of this long-awaited biopic of late Freddie Mercury, the frontman of the British Rock band Queen here in Nepal? The film has been named ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which of course is the title of one of their all time hit songs. The trailer did create a hype for this movie all over the world.

    But there’s something else too that has created a hype for this film in Nepal. A group of amazing musicians from Jatayu have covered one of Queen’s iconic rock song ‘We Will Rock You’ giving the Nepali taste through the use of many Newari instruments along with guitar and western vocal style.

    The song has Palsang Lama on the vocals, Niran Dangol on guitar, Nikesh Maharjan on flute, Sujina Bajracharya on sarangi, Abin Shakya on dhime and bhusya, Mangal Man Maharjan on gong, and Nhuchhe Munikar and Hemanta Maharjan and dhime. And the track has been beautifully produced and arranged by Niran Dangol and Abin Shakya whereas, the video has been made by Nikesh Kakshapati and Amit Dangol.

    You can watch the video here


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