This young lady leaves many in tears through her speech at the Women’s Development Summit 2018


    Here’s a 4-minute long video where a young lady is talking about the dire need of making people aware about their origins including their society and culture, specially to those who have either been brought up or residing in abroad. This speech was given at the Women’s Development Summit 2018,┬áThai Nepali association in Thailand.

    She starts off by openly saying how hard it had been for her when she first came to Nepal but then as the speech goes on, she clarifies how it changed her vision. She talks about how important it is for someone to know, respect and live up to their roots, their true identity.

    You can watch the video below..

    This beautiful speech leaves many audiences in tears and no doubt many viewers at home will feel the same.

    Besides realizing the importance of one’s roots and cultures, what we can also learn from this video is that there are different forms of struggles no matter where you go or where you live so one must have the willingness to ‘Learn’ and ‘do’ whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles in life.


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