Nepali Caricature 2075, is currently ongoing at Nepal Art Council in the Capital. Inaugurated by Ragini Upadhyay, this is an exhibition of caricatures of noted Nepali personalities.

This exhibition includes caricatures done by a total of 34 artists such as Manujbabu Mishra, Ashokman Singh, Jeevan Rajopadhyay, Abin Shrestha, Basu Kshitiz and many more.

The exhibition has been jointly organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts and Cartoonists’ Club of Nepal.

As part of a competition held parallely with the exhibit, for which the organisers commissioned works from up-and-coming cartoonists, Abhinash Malla, Suraj Shakya, and Ramila Maharjhan bagged the first, second and third prizes. The winners bagged prizes worth Rs 15,000, Rs 12,000, and Rs 10,000, respectively.