Wait what? Nepal launching it’s own satellites into space?

    This undated image shows the building of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, in Lalitpur district. Photo: WrackAce Marz via public google maps

    Is Nepal really launching its own satellites into space? Well, yes it is. Recently It’s been confirmed that by mid-May Nepal’s own satellites will be launched to space with the help of two Nepalis, who have completed master’s degree in engineering from a Japan-based university and are pursuing post-doctorate degree.

    According to Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, chief of technical department, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, the two have been provided Rs 20 million to launch the satellites named ‘Birds 3’. The amount was released to develop three satellites simultaneously and preparations are under way for the launch by mid-May.

    The satellites will take photos of various parts of the country on a daily basis and also disseminate information about possible disasters.

    News Source : The Himalayan Times


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