Uma Devi Badi, an anti-untouchability activist receives BBC honour


    Today everybody knows Uma Devi Badi as a well-known human rights activist who has dedicated her entire life to advocating for the rights of the Badi community. But did you know that she has remained a victim of poverty and discrimination herself? She was Born to the formerly untouchable Badi community, in Salyan where she went through the same troubles that everyone else in the community had.

    And on Monday, as the BBC made public its list of ‘100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2018’, Uma Devi Badi was ranked at the 10th position for her work in changing the perception people have of the concept of ‘untouchability’.

    “I never thought I would receive such an honour,” Uma Devi Badi told the Post on Tuesday. “People born in my community get denied basic rights by the government such as their birth registration. And today I am enlisted as one of the 10 most inspiring and influential women in the world by BBC. I did not believe the news, not until a BBC journalist telephoned me and informed me about it,” she added.

    Congratulations Mrs Devi, we are proud of you.

    News Source: The Kathmandu Post


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