UK Dance Off 2018: Grand Finale with Dilip Rayamajhi as the main judge


    The grand finale of the ‘UK Dance Off’ 2018 has been fixed to take place on the 14th of October at the Princess Hall in Aldershot.

    This is the third season of UK Dance Off which is being organized by Sapan Entertainment Ltd.

    Sapan Kumar Rai, the director of Sapan Entertainment Ltd, and the coordinator of UK Dance Off Nesha Gurung made this news public via a press conference which was held on Thursday evening.

    This finale event will have veteran Nepali actor/dancer/producer Dilip Rayamajhi as The main judge.

    The winner will get £1,200 as the winning prize where as, first runner up and second runner up will receive £800 and £500 respectively.

    The tickets prices are listed below:

    Normal : £15
    VIP. : £20


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