New upcoming Nepali movie “Lily Bily”, has been fixed to be released on Baishakh 14. The first song of this film has been released today on youtube which is titled “Is It Love?”.

This is a romantic number which includes lyrics from Rajesh Kumar Shrestha, music by Alish Karki whereas, the vocals are given by Pratap Das and Melina Rai. The music video along with the song itself is pretty good. You can watch the romance between Pradip Khadka and Jasita Gurung along with the beautiful views and clips of Europe.

maxresdefault (1)The film making department decided to release this video on the occasion of “Maghe Sankranti”. In a Music video release program, film director Milan Chams addressed that the song as well as the entire movie has been made with lots of hardwork and is completely different. Producer Govinda Shahi added saying, “Lily Bily is a complete entertainment packed movie.” The entire shooting for this movie has been done outside Nepal, so it has come into attraction of many people.

The shooting for “Lily Bily” had been done in cities like London, Istanbul and Scotland. Directed on the banner of Kafia Films, Sudip Khadka Production and Chams Entertainment, Lily Bily has actors and actresses like Pradip Khadka, Jasita Gurung, Priyanka Karki, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Ritesh Chams and Sabina Shrestha.

Here’s the music video of “Is It Love?”