Tejendra Gandarva’s ‘Ghatana’ leaves everybody in amazement at the set of ‘The Voice of Nepal’


    When we talk about reality shows the first thing that hits our mind is ‘There’s nothing real about the so-called reality shows’. But something magical happened on the set of┬áThe Voice of Nepal on it’s 20th episode on Sunday night. Probably for the first time in the history of Nepali Television, a real-life issue was presented through a song among the live audience in a ‘Reality Show’.

    28-year-old Tejendra Gandarva, a contestant from Bhojpur performed an original song titled ‘Ghatana’ where he told the entire story regarding what happened with Nirmala Pant. It was a very emotional and breathtaking performance where his vocals and powerful words left everybody in amazement.

    The song was composed and written by his coach Pramod Kharel.

    You can watch the song here:

    Nirmala Pant was a 13-year-old teenager who became a victim of rape and murder when she was on her way to her friend’s place. It’s already been three months but justice hasn’t been served yet. This performance by Tejendra Gandarva has not only touched hearts but also has created awareness. Hope to see more people to take action and raise their voices regarding this case.

    image courtesy : The Kathmandu Post


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