The StoryYellers sessions have been taking place in the courtyard of Tanglewood for a while now. In it’s previous sessions, it featured different artists and celebs like Sisan Baniya, Swoopna Suman, Sushant Pradhan, Ayushman Deshraj, etc. and so on. But this time the session was bit different.

This brand new StoryYellers Comedy Specials concluded on Wednesday. It’s a special session of the StoryYellers, a platform featuring artists and people from all walks of life.

Three comedians Mayur Goyal, Rajina Shrestha, Pratik Aryal and featured comedian Shailee Basnet took on the stage and made the audience laugh out loud. The session had more than 200 audiences.

You can watch the previous session’s videos on the Youtube channel of Story Yellers.