Shrinkhala Khatiwada bags Multimedia Award and Beauty With a Purpose Award securing her place in the finals of Miss World 2018


    Alright folks, it’s official. Reigning Miss Nepal World 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada has won the Multimedia award and now she’s headed towards the top 30 of the finals of Miss World 2018.

    The announcement was made in the official Miss World’s instagram profile, where it has been clearly mentioned that she was given the award after careful deliberation by a panel of Multimedia experts including Mr Tang – deputy chief of Sanya Tourism. Basically, the decision was made based on social media platforms along with the audience engagements, creative contents and influences.

    The top 3 multimedia finalists are from 1. Nepal, 2. Mexico and 3. Kenya.

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    TODAY AT MISS WORLD | 2018. . After careful deliberation and viewing of all multimedia videos from the contestants for two separate awards, a panel of Miss World Multimedia Experts including Mr Tang – deputy chief of Sanya Tourism came to a decision on who would be in the top 5 for the Sanya tourism video award based on creative content, use of various editing software and displaying knowledge of Sanya. The 2nd was the overall Multimedia Award based on all social media platforms, audience engagement, creative content and influence, which secures the winner with a place in the top 30 of Miss World Final 2018. The Top 3 Overall Multimedia Finalist are: 1. Nepal 2. Mexico 3. Kenya . . Succefully securing her place in the Final of Miss World 2018 goes to Nepal. . Multimedia Award Overall Winner: Congratulations | NEPAL. . Our Miss World 2018 Sanya Tourism Video Challenge, result top 5 were:. . 1. Kenya 2. China PR 3. Nepal 4. Puerto Rico 5. England. . Sanya Tourism Award Congratulations | KENYA . . #missworld #mw2018 #mwo #mw2018sanya #mw2018china #missmundo #mwmultimediachallenge

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    Shrinkhala has also made it to the top 5 of Sanya tourism video award marking her place in the 3rd position. The finalists are: 1. Kenya, 2. China, 3. Nepal, 4. Puerto Rico and 5. England.

    Oh wait there’s even more, Shrinkhala has also bagged the ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ award being the second person to do so for Nepal after Ishani Shrestha did it back in 2013.

    The finale is scheduled to take place on the 8th of December.

    It’s indeed a proud and happy moment for Nepal. Congratulations to you Shrinkhala, the whole country is with you.


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