picture from Paradygm TV

Prasot Kandel and Ranjana Bhattarai from the Himalaya Roadies, and YouTubers Random Nepali, Kichhy Bajracharya and Sajin Maharjan were all there in Sisan Baniya’s studio; of course for a new video for Paradygm TV.

So, what interesting topic did Sisan Baniya chose to entertain the participants and his followers?

If you haven’t watched the video yet, here’s the spoiler…

All the celebrities present there were made to play a game. In the game, they had to drink a shot of Tequilla everytime they spoke in English.

The video is really an entertaining one and the then birthday boy Random Nepali won the contest by miles.

The expressions of Sajin Maharjan and Prasot are something to talk about đŸ˜€ and the way Random Nepali answers in Nepali would certainly make some of you wonder!!!

So, watch the video above and enjoy!!!