The latest video of the Storytellers has been posted on youtube recently. This time, we’re getting to hear the story of and by our living legend, Sarad Shrestha dai.

It’s a shame for all those people, specially musicians or music lovers if they have no idea who Sarad Shrestha is. He is the ex guitarist of popular Nepali band ‘Axe’ and now the current member of bands like Tumbleweed and Shree 3(Tin). This video was shot about a month ago during the Story Tellers’ Music Series event at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal.

In the video, he talks about how he fell in love with guitar and music and also shares all the interesting things, events and incidents that happened when he was in his beginning days of his musical life. Sarad dai also talks about his struggles regarding how he managed to adapt to any guitar and amplifiers back in the day when very few could afford good quality instruments.

Photo: Sameer Shrestha
Photo: Sameer Shrestha

Sarad dai(Sabai ko dai) as he says, is now completely clean and is totally against the consumption of drugs. He truly is an inspiration for all the aspiring musicians. He has always given more priority in making original music rather than covering someone else’s songs. He is always seen supporting younger bands and treats almost every musicians as his brothers.

If you haven’t watched the video then here’s the link.

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