Salinman Baniya, who made his acting debut from this year’s superhit movie ‘Ae Mero Hajur 2’ is now ready be back on film screen again.

Chocolaty hero Salinman Baniya has managed to get a lot of followers from his first movie. But he’d been kind of vanished after that, as we didn’t hear any news about him playing another movie. When asked he said that he had kept himself busy in his father’s business.

Baniya said, “It’s not that I had planned to take an instant gap after my very first movie, however, due to certain reasons I had to do so.” He also added, “I’ve been offered to work in many projects after my last film, but I haven’t come across a script that I love. So as soon as I get one satisfactory script, I’ll start to work again.”

Most people have high hopes of seeing Salinman in Jharna Thapa’s new upcoming movies: ‘Ae Mero Hajur 3’ and ‘Bhagwat Geeta’. Jharna’s husband as well as film producer Sunil Kumar Thapa said, “We have offered him to work in our movies a few days ago, but he hasn’t given a final decision about it yet.”