Let’s not call the movie as Anmol’s as one of the most talked about models Aditi Budhathoki too is in the movie.

Keeping that aside, the really good news is that the release date of their movie KRI is now finalised.

Did finalise sound confusing to you? 😀 Trusting the date of release may not hurt your expectations this time around (as you people certainly are aware of the changes in release date).

Yes, Magh 26 is the day finalised and declared by the producer of the movie Mr Subash Giri via his social media accounts.

Kri should now face the challenge of Dayahang Rai’s Kanchi as the movie is also releasing on the same day, i.e. Magh 26.

Now all the fans of Anmol and Aditi can pray for the release date to be constant and hope Kri would give a proper challenge to Kanchi.