Raw Barz’s fourth season has already begun and this time the show/competition is being hosted by Girish Khatiwada, the first rapper of Nepal.

For those of you who have no idea what Raw Barz is, you can check out it’s videos on youtube. It’s the first ever rap battle competition of Nepal. It’s first season was held back in 2013 where the show kicked off with the epic battle between Unique Poet and Sacar. Back then, it was hosted by the late Yama Buddha. Laure had managed to take the winning trophy in the first season.

This time, the competition is being held at THE FACTORY in Thamel and it’s two episodes have already been uploaded on youtube. You can watch the show live in the venue as it’s third round is gonna be held in January 20th, Saturday.

The ticket price for the event is Rs. 250. You can also buy the official merchandise for Rs. 100.

Raw Barz has definitely given a platform for many underrated rappers to express themselves through their words along with different slang terms, punch lines and sarcasams. Best wishes to the contestants.

Here’s the link for one of it’s episodes.