Priyanka and Ayushman to star together in ‘Radha 2’


    Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Deshraj Joshi will be seen in the same screen together again. This real life couple is confirmed to play hand in hand in an upcoming movie called ‘Radha 2’ directed by Yogesh Ghimire.

    Now that this celebrity couple has been officially engaged, they have planned to get married next year during Ashad.

    After their ritualistic engagement, many directors and producers have been looking forward for making a movie with these two stars.

    ‘Radha 2’ is a musical lovestory movie. “I didn’t plan on having Priyanka and Ayushman side by side in the film because of their real-life relationship. I did it because I couldn’t find any other actor who was as musically talented as Ayushman.” Said director Ghimire.

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