Nana Patekar breaks silence and responds To Tanushree Dutta’s Allegations


    Nana Patekar has finally broken his silence on allegation of sexual harassment, made against him by actress Tanushree Dutta.

    When asked to make a comment on the issue by Mirror Now Nana laughed and said: What does she mean by sexual harassment? We were on the set and there were 50-100 people sitting in front of us.

    While further adding: Let anyone say anything. I will continue to do in my life what I have been doing.

    When asked if he will take any legal action against Tanushree, Nana said: I will see what can be done legally. Let’s see. It is also wrong/inappropriate to talk to you (media) since you publish anything.

    Tanushree’s response on Nana Patekar’s comment in awaited.


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