Nepali movie, ‘Mister Jholay’ which is directed by Director Ram Babu Gurung is all set to be screened in Hong Kong today after it hit screens in Nepal. This is his fifth feature film.

The charity show in Hongkong is being organised to support Dilu Maya Gurung, a patient of kidney failure. The show is going to have the presence of the film’s director and lead actors Dayahang Rai and Deeya Pun. Mister Jholay is written by director Gurung himself.

Director Ram Babu Gurung has already directed films like Purano Dunga, Kabaddi, Kabaddi Kabaddi and Anagarik and and this ‘Mister Jholay’ is his fifth work/movie as a director.

Here’s the trailer of the movie if you haven’t watched yet.