If you are a drama or a play fanatic, you certainly know about the theatre called Shilpee, in Kathmandu.

So, there is a good news for all the drama fanatic. Yes, the news is what you have seen in the title above.

An absurdist play named Line by Israel Horovitz is adopted in the Nepali version and Shilpee is where you need to be to experience the play.

The credit for the concept, translation, and the direction of the play goes to  Akanchha Karki and her work has been clearly welcomed by all the drama lovers.

The play feature actors like Loonibha Tuladhar, Rajkumar Pudasaini, Sandesh Shakya, Saroj Aryal, and Sudam CK.

The play will be staged from Thursday, November 2 to November 19.

So, peeps, be there at Shilpee, Battisputali and enjoy the New York’s longest-running play…