Keki Adhikari making a comeback via ‘Sarkari Jagir’


    After the national and international premiere of the self-produced movie ‘Kolhapur Express’, Keki Adhikari hasn’t really been in the topic of interest in the media.

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    Keki was under a fair amount of pressure before and after the official release of ‘Kolhapur Express’ as she was the one produced the movie.

    Now that Keki has been out of the hectic schedule, she is now occupied in the shooting of the new movie ‘Sarkari Jagir’.

    Sources have found that along with Keki, this movie includes Gauri Malla, Rima Bishwakarma, Karma, Samyam Puri, Ramesh Ranjan, etc. The shooting for the movie has been on going for more than two weeks now.


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