Himal Bhujel has won the title of Mr UK Nepal 2018. The event was organized by UK Nepal Federation Of Bodybuilding and Fitness (UKNFBF) which was held on Saturday in Aldershot.

32512176_1284293228367502_4807831123226787840_oHimal Bhujel won the trophy along with £1000. Similarly, Lok Gurung and Kumar Gurung won the titles of first and second runner up respectively along with £500 and £300.

32440462_1284292685034223_6830812671567200256_oThe winners of the competition were handed over the prizes by UKNFBF chairman Kishor Gurung, NRN UK vice-chairman and Tamu Dhi UK chairman Gyam Gurung.

32349534_1284196581710500_6766790849670938624_o32365808_1284173951712763_22301604799578112_o32375916_1284172165046275_2819774728519024640_oLast year’s winner Pranay Gurung too performed his guest posing in the event. And for more entertainment, model Anita Limbu and Priya Gurung performed dance whereas, Suden Gurung sang a song.

32478473_1284292451700913_4269301632296026112_o32405608_1284171975046294_1239635343829893120_oLike every year, Mr UK Nepal Sanu Gurung came all the way from Nepal to UK in order to train the participants. The main organizer of this event was UKNFBF vice-chairman Suk Gurung.

32326712_1284171498379675_4662872549602885632_oMore than 400 audiences were present in this show.