Here’s Prem Leela’s ‘Taklu Beauty Contest’ all the ladies should know about

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    Now-a-days, making a movie ain’t just enough to gather audiences during the film premiere. If there’s a lack of proper marketing and advertisement, the film’s progress is no where to be seen. That’s the reason why film directors and producers come up with different unusual ideas and plans for the publicity and marketing of the film.

    Now being said that, upcoming Nepali movie ‘Prem leela’ that’s about to hit theaters on the 25th of Magh too has started it’s promotion in a distinct way. The filmmakers have organized a brand new contest called ‘Taklu Beauty Contest’ which apparently means Bald Beauty Contest. “This contest has been organized in order to share the experience of going bald”, says Dipsikha Khadka, the producer of the film. For the record, she has really gone bald for the movie.

    And talking more about this contest, only ladies are allowed to participate where they are required to send their picture with a bald makeup on the official facebook page of ‘Prem Leela’ along with their contact details. The winner, first runner up and second runner up will receive Rs 50,000, 25,000 and 10,000 respectively.





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