After years of successfully managing distinct events across London and Nepal, we HAB amoment have finally made our debut work in Australia as well.

32239669_1282853298511495_7402725714929123328_o32238577_1282853151844843_3996110934534782976_oWe recently covered an event that took place at Oxford Art Factory. This show was actually a metal gig which included the touring heavy metal giants from Nepal which is none other than Underside. Underside is currently on their tour, they’ve toured in New Zealand and this gig is of their Australia tour.

32332580_1282853071844851_6140848535064543232_o32257784_1282852665178225_4154779017997713408_oSo, our very first work in Australia went pretty well and from now on we’ll be managing various events in Australia too. Hijo Aja Bholi (HAB) meaning yesterday, today, and tomorrow is where the idea of naming our team came from. HAB amoment trustworthy UK media/event management company established back in 2015. Ever since then we have been covering major events in London, wedding , blogs, commercial events, corporate parties and many. We’ve been actively working in this field for years now. We’ve organized and managed many events [Nepalese movie, dance shows, award shows, Concerts, talk shows and many more] here in London and Nepal. Now, our team has been setup in Australia to give the best work to the people.