It’s almost a couple of years that the movie named Gaja Baja has stuck just because of its title.

However, it’s reported that the movie has now got over the issue and found a date to hit the theatres.

March 9 is the day!!!

After the Film Development Board didn’t register the movie because of the first word of the title, the Gaja Baja team took the case to the supreme court.

The court hasn’t given the final verdict for or against the movie’s case but the Director Ganesh Dev Pandey and his team has declared the release date.

Despite not being released when it was meant to be, a song of the movie named ‘Tripping on a Happy Mood’ has already been a hit among the Nepali cinephiles.

The movie includes the like of Barsha Shiwakoti, Sushil Sitaula, and Anupam Sharma as the lead actors.

So, all we can hope now is the success of the movie and verdict by the court in the favour of the movie.