Chaudhary Group’s CG Entertainment is set to make a brand new movie. Prior to this, CG Entertainment had made a movie titled ‘Visa Girl’ which by the way didn’t perform well in the theatres. But now after such a long hitaus, CG seems to be ready to come up with a new film.

Currently, the filmmakers are searching and selecting the cast for the movie. Pradeep Khadka is likely to be seen in the lead role but he hasn’t signed the contract yet. In recent days, Pradeep’s fan following is seen to be increasing quite alot, and it might be the reason why CG chose him.

This film is either going to be directed by Dinesh DC or Pradeep Bhattrai.

The name hasn’t been fixed yet, however we can expect a lot of good stuffs from this movie as CG is making a comeback after such a long break.

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