A Platform for aspiring RAP artists – The Come Up

Did you know what exactly does RAP mean? I watched an interview of late Yama Buddha some days after his demise and that was...

Police Officer stabbed at UK Parliament House

In a “terrorist incident” as claimed by the UK police, an officer has been stab near the Parliament in London. The attacker ran into the...

Nepal moves to the medium category of HDI

Numbers have started to show how Nepal is moving towards the path of development, no matter how slow and steady the process is! In the...

4 Great Nepali Bands to Perform in Wembley Arena

Nepathya has been the only Nepali band to perform in Wembley Arena till date. However, their record is all set to be broken this...

Nepal – 99th happiest country in the world

How happy are you right now? Even if you aren’t as happier as you want and need to be, this piece of writing will...

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