Ekadeshma International Short Film Festival happening for three days from tomorrow

With the target of projecting how human lives transfer through stories, an international short film festival is set to happen in Kathmandu. The event which...

India suffers a humiliating defeat; Nepal- the humiliator

Nepal has defeated India!!! And, it was in cricket. I went through an Indian e-magazine which had a similar headline as above and it is certainly...

Girish all set to host Raw Barz-4; promises to take NepHop to another level

Pioneered by late Yama Buddha and company, Raw Barz is now well known among the teenagers and social media users. To add on what Yama...

Viral Bhaidiyo featuring Sabin Karki Beest is getting viral

Sabin Karki, the former member of a Nepali dance group called Cartoonz Crew, has featured in a new music video with an eight-year-old girl...

The Promotion of Nepal Idol Concert in Aussie Style…

Thousands of people use trains as a mode of transportation in Sydney and Melbourne... Now, think - how well can the promotion of any event...

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