‘Captain’ : Poster or Brand advertisement?


    Now-a-days, film producers have kinda stopped being satisfied from the amount of money they make from their respective movies. It seems as if they want more, I mean who doesn’t? And because of that, a trend of being associated with different brands has been around for a while now.

    Let’s take an example of the Anmol Kc starrer movie ‘Captain’. Having it’s release date fixed on the 17th of Falgun, the film makers released two new posters on Monday. Now here’s what’s interesting. The first look was already released two months back and in the new poster you can clearly see the logo of the famous brand ‘Adidas’.

    So, this new poster seems to be doing the promotion of the respective brand rather than attracting people towards the movie. And according to some sources, Actor/Producer Bhuwan Kc has already made tons of money from the brand after giving it a significant place in the poster.

    Be it for the promotion of the brand or the movie, the released posters do look promising. Hope the film turns out to be the same as well.



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