One of the very few politicians who is liked by several Nepalis and taken as an inspiration in the field of politics, Mr Lal Babu Pandit has come up with his autobiography.

The person who has already been a hit as a fine politician walking in the course of changing the system of Singha Durbar has come up with his own story.

Now, take a while and think the level of popularity he will get along with his autobiography named ‘Singha Durbar Badalne Sangharsha’.

The beautiful uncompromising attitude of Mr Pandit and his emphasis on national importance have always helped him the CPN UML politician in his long-standing political career.

Often known for his simplicity and patriotism,  he can often be seen travelling in public buses and tempos.

So, all the youngsters and politics-enthusiast should learn more about the leader’s life and struggle he has faced to get inspired and change the system of Singha Durbar.

And, yes, the autobiography is priced at NRs 325. Find it at your nearest bookstore and get inspired…