Think – what if members from Mukti & Revival, Abhaya and the Steam Injuns, Robin and the New Revolution, Anuprastha, and other major rock bands of Nepal merge to form a band?

Also, imagine the guitar tunes of Jazz Maestro Hari Maharjan to spice up the things along with the above-mentioned band members?

You might have come up with a certain level of music in your head now and you may have got it correct, somehow.

Why? Because what you have just thought of is all set to happen. Some band members from Anuprastha, The Shadows, Mukti & Revival, Abhaya and the Steam Injuns, and Robin and the New Revolution along with Hari Maharjan are ready to form a band now.

The band is likely to be named as Project One and will continue the musical journey with the catchy tagline “Feri Uthnecha Nepal”, i.e. Nepal Will Rise Again.

All the credits for the merge thing go to an event-management company named Positive Vibes.

The band decorated with such talented artists will come up with a band and then tour different cities of Nepal as per the words of Bikash Kayastha, the founder of Positive Vibes.

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