Ayush Shrestha wins Himalaya Roadies season 2


    Ayush Shrestha has won the title of Himalaya Roadies Season 2. This year’s grand finale of Roadies was held at Hattiban Congregational Forest where the three finalisits: Ayush Shrestha, Pribir Ghale and Tejash Basnet competed for the winning prize.

    You can watch the full episode here:

    Ayush gave his audition from Butwal who managed to win the show among the total of 13 participants in the Roadies journey.

    Along with the title, Ayush won NRs 10,10,000 and Yahama Fz 250. He could have won 20 Lakhs but based on his performances of the tasks on the journey round, he won Rs 10,10,000. Along with the participants’ physical and mental capabilities, Himalaya Roadies also makes judgement based on one’s social behaviour.

    Just like the previous season, this year’s Himalaya Roadies also had Raymon Das Shrestha, Deeya Maskey and Ashish Rana on the Judging Panel.


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