Are you familiar with the name Ashok Darji? If you’ve forgotten this person, then let me remind you that this is the same kid who made ‘Saili’ song popular again.

Ashok Darji had his first video uploaded last year in November where he was seen singing Nepali and Hindi songs. And now, after a year, he seems to be capable of singing his original songs when asked or requested.

Recently, a music producer who goes by the name Tanka Budathoki helped the kid to get to Kathmandu for recording his very first original song. This song has been titled ‘Man Bina Ko Dhan’ which has been released with a music video and is currently on #1 trending on Youtube.

The song has been written by Bi Raaj Nepal and sung by both Ashok and Tanka.

Here’s the video if you haven’t watched it yet.