American climbers set world record by making a successful ski descent from Mt Lhotse

    File: Climbers heading to Mt Lhotse. Courtesy: Hilaree Nelson

    Two American climbers yesterday set a world record becoming the first people to make a successful ski descent from the summit of the world’s fourth highest mountain in the autumn climbing season.

    Renowned ski mountaineers — James White Morrison and Hilaree Nelson — made a ski descent from the top of Mt Lhotse after reaching the summit point of the 8,516-metre mountain at 1:27pm, Pemba Sherpa, co-founder of the Xtreme Climbers Treks and Expeditions, said.

    Though many climbers made failed attempts to ski down from Mt Lhotse in the past, Morrision and Nelson finally achieved the feat this autumn using a route eluded by mountaineers for several decades, Sherpa shared.

    Cover photo : The Himalayan Times


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