About Us

Get to know about us and our work.


HAB in itself may not let you know what it really is!

Hijo Aja Bholi (HAB) meaning yesterday, today, and tomorrow is where the idea of naming our team came from. With the very catchy name, i.e. HAB amoment, we have been officially running the team since 2015.

Being an event management company, HAB a moment, as it is named, helps you to manage your beautiful moments in the best way possible.

However, beautifying your moments is not the only thing we do and cover. Along with the management of major events in London, where we are based at, we are even trying to leave a fine influence in the media fraternity in the United Kingdom and Nepal, too.

Who we really are?

We didn’t reach where we presently are just in a moment!

We started our journey by covering major events where our team of experienced and skilled photographers and videographers captured the beautiful stills and videos of some major happenings in the United Kingdom and Nepal.

Despite of us being centralized here in London, we have even managed to be in charge of some selected events in Nepal. Our dedicated team members, there in Nepal, are equally experienced and skilled as of here and have contributed a lot to bring us to this level.

What we do?

Besides photography, videography, and covering events, we are also updating our websites through regular blog posts. Trending news of Nepal, United Kingdom, and the world are covered by our blogs which gets updated every single day.

Moreover, promotion and marketing of any kind of events is what we do and have been doing best! With catchy banners, slogans, blog posts, and posts on Instagram, and Facebook, we put all our efforts to promote your events to make them a grand one.

Within two years of establishment, we have been the best choice of the public among all the competitors. A party named The White Party’, organized by HAB amoment, some years back was a great success. We were able to attract around 1500 guests in the first and only party conducted by our team.

We know this is just a start to introduce ourselves in the fraternity of media and event management but we will certainly reach the peak of success with our dedication and good work in the future.

To assure you with that, we are in the course of establishing our branch office in Nepal too; this will certainly boost our operation and help in our well-being!

Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are the major social media and networking sites that we are focusing on to reach to our customers. And, our website too has been of great help for us to reach and communicate with people in and out of the United Kingdom.