A documentary concerning brick kiln workers in Nepal wins four international awards

    Image Courtesy : The Kathmandu post

    We all know that many children in Nepal have been working in different factories at their untimely ages for making a living. Being said that, a documentary respecting Nepali children working in Bhaktapur’s brick factories has been selected for 17 international film festivals and has already won four awards on the international film festival circuit.

    The film has been labeled Dust (Chhaaro) which is directed by Deepak Tolange, a Kathmandu and Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer.

    ‘Dust’ has been classified into three phases which happens to be 50 minutes long. All of the subjects in the film are below 14 years—kids who dropped out of school to help their families survive.

    The film has so far been screened at the Parnu Film Festival in Estonia, where it won ‘Best Film’, Anthropofest in Prague, Toronto Nepali Film Festival, Ethnokino in Zurich, and the German International Ethnographic Film Festival, among others.

    In the coming week, the film will be participating at the Global University Film Awards, taking place November 7-9 in Hong Kong.

    News Source : The Kathmandu Post



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