With the joint effort of Mandala Theater Nepal and Let’s International Private Limited, the second edition of Pubvanchal Natya Yatra, a series of stagings of the play Sarjameen is being organized.

This play which is based on the popular story ‘Paribandha’ is written by Puskar Shumsher and is said to be staged in 8 cities in eastern Nepal.

Through it’s ‘Mobile Theater Programme’, Mandala Theater has been staging various plays in different cities across the country from last year. Plays like Junkiri, Manchinte Firante and Degree Maila were presented using the mobile theater under the initiative. Likewise, Latiko Choro was also staged in different cities.

Sarjameen features artists like Buddhi Tamang, Bijay Baral, Pradip Kumar Chaudhary, Bikash Joshi, Umesh Tamang, Ranjana Oli, Binita Gurung and Somnath Khanal. Along with the tour, the play is also going to feature a ten-day long Theater Workshop for local artists in the area.

Photo: Parbat Portel